Carole Staveley BIO

Sports and fitness have always been a very important part of Carole’s life. A sports injury in 1996 (age 31) that was not properly diagnosed or treated, combined with an underlying soft tissue disorder, left her struggling to be able to participate in the sports she loved for the next 13 years. Chronic pain, injuries and stiffness plagued her continuously, as she searched for someone in the medical community to help her. The breakthrough came in 2009, and four years later at age 47, Carole completed her first IRONMAN triathlon. Through this life-altering process, she has discovered her calling, which is to make a difference in people’s lives by guiding them to achieve new heights in their physical well-being.

Carole’s passion has always been to make a difference in the health care field. Until recently, she was convinced that this could be achieved by working for companies that made health care products. After 20 years of progressing through the corporate ranks in Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Carole has decided that the best way for her to make a difference in peoples’ lives is to tell her personal story of a 17-year journey from injury, chronic pain and debilitation to becoming an IRONMAN. Carole wants to inspire others to find their path from frustration, disappointment and despair to physical breakthrough in a much shorter time.

Carole believes that the path to a fulfilled life involves being accountable to yourself and never giving up on finding the solutions to your personal challenges. In health and wellness, this means NOT relying on medical professionals to give us the answers and/or take care of us, but rather to take responsibility for IDENTIFYING, CHALLENGING, and ENGAGING the RIGHT health care professionals as part of our TEAM that will SUPPORT us in reaching the next level of physical fitness and well-being.

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