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CONQUER YOUR PAIN IN 9 STEPS will help you achieve your full potential by taking you through the process of establishing a Health Champion mindset, building your most effective health team, and maximizing your odds of persevering through it all. Become your own Health Champion and keep your healthy vision alive—no matter what challenges you face.


"...compelling reading for anyone looking for guidance on how to transform their health." — Dr. Peter Abaci, MD, Los Gatos, California

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NOT LYING DOWN is an inspirational story of conquering years of chronic pain, to eventually, at age 47, cross the finish line at an IRONMAN® triathlon.

This book is more than Carole’s own story of overcoming a chronic pain syndrome. It is also a self-help guide to inspire and motivate readers to become “Health Champions” themselves and to break through current physical barriers and accomplish things they never believed possible.

NOT LYING DOWN is a story of hope and perseverance and the belief in not giving in. From years of lying down in pain to the joy of completing a triathlon, Carole shares the lessons she’s learned along the way so that others can suffer less and achieve more.

"You should be so proud. This book is going to change lives." — Gillian B.

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What Readers are Saying about Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps

"From an inspiring personal story that triumphs not only on the physical plane but against an apathetic healthcare system comes a well-researched, practical guide to taking your healthcare into your own hands. Conquer Your Pain in 9 Steps is a message of hope and health for those of us trapped in between Dr. Google and the revolving door of our MD's office." - Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND, Vancouver, BC

"There are so many useful tips in this book for managing pain. If one approach doesn’t work for the reader, the author provides a number of options and often rephrases or suggests viewing a problem from a different perspective. Carole has found a way to expertly get inside the reader’s head and gives real, effective options—and effectively combats any possible excuses a reader might be clinging on to." - Mandy Mercuri, Self-Pain Management Consultant and Director of Take Hold of Pain, Melbourne, Australia


What Readers are Saying about Not Lying Down

"I am at chapter 6 in your book and I have cried with you and laughed with you.  I've nodded my head in agreement and had a few aha momentts and I'm not even halfway done!  I cannot wait to keep reading.  Thank you for sharing your story Carole.  Your book is amazing." - Amberley C

"An easy and motivating read. The author shares her story about navigating the healthcare system to help deal with a chronic condition. She shares the pitfalls she came across, her own misteps and discoveries, and ultimately what she learned from this journey. An inspiring read that provides practical guidance on how to become a successful advocate for your own health." - Amazon Reader

"Ran 6k through the hills then biked 30k with Dan today. Thx for the inspiration!" - Fiona