Corporate Wellness


Inner Victory™ Workshops

Half-or full-day group workshops, delivering a working knowledge of the 9-Step Health Champion approach. A series of workshops is recommended to achieve meaningful changes in health behaviors. Includes a book and workbook for each participant.

Inner Victory™ Webinars

This web-based seminar series introduces each of the 9 steps to becoming your own Health Champion. Series of ten 1-hour sessions, include downloadable workbook. Option to select individual sessions.


Keynote Addresses

Carole’s keynote presentations are based on the importance of empowering individuals to become their own Health Champions. Existing topics are

  1. Developing Health Champions in the Workplace
  2. Better and Stronger: Discover the Limits of What You’re Truly Capable Of
  3. Take Control! Become Your Own Health Champion


Individual Victory Plans

One-on-one coaching for valued employees committed to taking greater control of their health challenges. Weekly sessions over 10-12 weeks develops self-efficacy related to health and wellness objectives. Includes a book and workbook.


Health Risk Assessments

Inner Victory Coaching has partnered with Heidary Health Inc. to offer your company a simple yet powerful solution to understanding your employees’ health risks – an important marker of your company’s overall health. Online health assessment tools combined with on-site blood collection and biometric testing provides employees with individualized, confidential and empowering health reports to discuss with their health professionals. Aggregate data is used to generate a company health report, which can guide the implementation of relevant health programs specific to your employee population.

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